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AT&T adjusts family plans to make them cheaper at 10GB or higher level.

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday February 03, 2014.

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AT&T has made yet another adjustment to its pricing structure in order to make it cost less to keep a family plan on the network. Following recent drops in prices for the Mobile Share plan, the company is once again lowering the costs by making it cheaper for groups of three or more people who purchase a phone off contract or sign-up for AT&T Next. It now costs $15 to add a line instead of the previous $25. That discount applies only to customers who purchase phones off contract or through Next, but it can make a difference.

The changes in pricing structure now makes it possible for a family of four to pay only $160 per month to share 10GB of data, or they could pay $175 to have five devices tapping into the 10GB pool. The old system would make that same plan cost more than $200 for less people and less data to split. Existing customers who switch their AT&T plans can see a drop in costs provided that they stick with their phone, but new customers will have to bring their own device or pay more upfront in order to earn the service discounts available when paying through Next or off contract. It will not make sense for everyone to sign-up, but for consumers happy with their phones or purchasing lower cost devices, the change can provide noticeable long-term savings.

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