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HTC, LG, Samsung, and others free to use a key feature that makes Nokia cameras better

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday January 29, 2014.

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Gyroscopic stabilization has been an important aspect of what has made Nokia produce the better smartphone cameras released since 2012. The technology allows camera shutters to remain open longer and capture more light but remain steady and reduce blur. Nokia had an exclusive among smartphone makers, but the exclusivity period has ended, meaning anyone can now use components from ST Microelectronics and make their device have a better camera.

ST Microelectronics creates an L2G2IS chip that can put gyroscopic stabilization into a smartphone, but it's not easy. It measures 2.3 x 2.3 x 0.7mm (0.09 x 0.09 x 0.3in) so it requires some engineering to rest comfortably in tight spaces of smartphones. It costs $1.70 per unit in 1,000 units, but The Register notes that there may be wiggle room on the price because companies can order higher volumes in order to lower the price. For instance, Samsung sells millions of phones each year and could order higher volumes at a better rate.

Nokia's cameras are great for more reasons than just gyroscopic stabilization, but it's an important component. With more companies able to use the technology and combine with their existing processing and camera software, we could see better cameras in more phones later this year.

source: The Register

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