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The next HTC smartphone won't have any hardware navigation buttons

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Monday January 27, 2014.

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Despite Google's best efforts to convert Android phone makers to use only virtual buttons in their smartphones, companies have continued to use physical or glass buttons for navigation features like back, home, and menu. HTC has reportedly decided to finally embrace on-screen buttons and will not have any physical navigation keys on the M8, the rumored successor to the HTC One.

Connected news maker evleaks tweeted earlier to today that the "M8 will be the first HTC device with on-screen buttons," and given his track record for accurate revelations, I'm inclined to believe him. HTC has used capacitive buttons to navigate its phones, and that has created unseemly design problems like a large black bar covering the screen to act as a Menu button in some apps.

If the M8 uses all on-screen buttons, that would make Samsung the only major smartphone manufacturer who only uses physical navigation buttons on its Android phones. Google-owned Motorola went virtual back in 2012, and Sony and LG have released several phones with the preferred navigation method.

source: evleaks

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