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New Chrome for Android and iOS compression tool will cut your data usage in half

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday January 15, 2014.

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Google Chrome will soon update its mobile versions in order to severely cut down on the amount of data that the apps consume when someone browses the web on their iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. An upcoming version of Chrome on Android and iOS will have a new "bandwidth management" option that compresses the data delivered to a mobile device. When the optional feature is enabled, it decreases the amount of data necessary to show photos and text on the web, using up to 50 percent less data than normal circumstances require. Chrome users can enable the feature by going to Settings > Bandwidth management > Reduce data usage.

Another change coming to browser is the inclusion of Google Translate in Chrome for iOS. Android users already have the advantage of being able to tap a single button to translate an entire page into their native language, and the iOS version of the browser will have the same detection and translation option within a few days. Translate does not yet recognize every language, so some pages will not be available for translation.

Google plans to introduce these changes in updates planned for Android and iOS over the next few days. Once they are available, Android users will also be able to add websites to the home screen directly from the settings menu with Chrome. Be sure to visit the Play Store and App Store this week to check when the browser is available in your region.

source: Google

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