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Hisense X1 - hands-on with the biggest Android phone of 2014

Product Launch by Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 09, 2014.

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Hisense isn't a name mentioned often when talking about the biggest Android manufacturers, but the Chinese firm better known for building TV's will at least be in the conversation when discussing the biggest (literally) phones around. The Hisense X1 shown at CES 2014 is an Android phone that's arguably a tablet. Its screen size is more than an inch taller than the average 5.something devices on site here in Vegas, and it's only 0.2 inches smaller than a Nexus 7. That's right, this bad boy has a 6.8-inch display.

The X1 is "phablet" device of jarring proportions. It has a suitable matte plastic body, a borderline ridiculous size, and a clear 1080p HD display. Two things it doesn't have is a price or release date, but Hisense promises that both will be shared later this year. The phone has already been confirmed to be released on China Mobile, and Hisense says it has its eyes on supporting the US market by the summer. Take a look at the phone below and see just how big it is when held next to a Google Nexus 5.

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