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Sony Core hands-on: Lifelog puts Sony into the smart fitness arena

Product Launch by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday January 07, 2014.

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Sony Core and Smartband picture next to Xperia Z1 compact and Xperia Z1s
Sony Core and Smartband picture next to Xperia Z1 compact and Xperia Z1s
It might seem strange that Sony would try once again to create a smart wearable considering that it has released multiple iterations of the Smart Watch, the most recent being less than one year ago. However, that didn't stop Sony from using CES 2014 to debut the Sony Core, one of many fitness tracking systems on display here at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Sony's Smart Watch system has been a way to interact phones with a wrist watch; telling time, showing notifications, and providing light interactions with select apps was its stated purpose. The Sony Core takes a different approach because its primary objective is to be a health monitor that records physical activity. The device is worn with a seamless "SmartBand" that looks like a thick piece of rubber worn around the wrist. It comes in multiple colors and doesn't look like a premium piece of material, but it feels very comfortable and is designed to be worn constantly. It logs movement during normal activities, pace during physical activities, and even tracks sleeping patterns.

The Core logs all of that data and then feeds it into a new app called Lifelog. All of that raw data captured throughout the day starts to make sense once it is charted in a way that shows progress over time and points out the ways that someone works or lives inefficiently. The combination of the hardware and software are designed to showcase movement rather than be the all-encompassing smart watch/fitness tracker.

There are a lot of questions left to be asked about the Sony Core product and how the company plans to enter the fitness industry, but those answers will not be shared until Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona. Below is a hands-on video with more examples of how the SmartBand operates.

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