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LG takes on Fitbit with mobile-connected Life Band Touch smart watch and fitness tracker

Product Launch by Andrew Kameka on Monday January 06, 2014.

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LG Life Band Touch
LG Life Band Touch

LG used CES 2014 as another showcase for a new wearable computing device that can connect to Android or iOS and provide health tracking information similar to Fitbit. I say another because the company showed a similar device last year, but the device has been retooled and unveiled as the Life Band Touch.

As previously leaked, the Life Band Touch is what would happen if the Fitbit and a smart watch were mixed together. The wristband features an on-screen display that shows incoming call notifications and time thanks to its ability to pair to an Android or iOS device through Bluetooth LE. It also controls music playback and is water resistant, so don't worry about getting sweat or rain on the device.

Where the Life Band Touch starts to flex some of its muscle is the ability to act as an independent fitness tracker. The Band can measure distance traveled and steps taken throughout the day, as well as show pace during physical activity. A special earphone that can be used in conjuction with the Life Band Touch will also measure heart rate and feed that data back to the device. LG plans to launch the Life Band Touch in the US later this spring.

source: Techcrunch

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