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iPhone and iPad traffic outpaced Android use among shoppers

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday December 27, 2013.

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We often see reports highlighting that Android is far and away the most widely sold operating system for mobile devices, but when it comes to active use, Apple iOS puts up a strong fight. Recent figures show that traffic among Christmas Day shoppers was the opposite of the sales consensus - iOS was far and away more used than Android.

IBM Research reports that iOS had five times as much traffic as Android, outpacing its rival by nabbing 23 percent of traffic compared to only 4.6 percent. iPhone and iPad users also spent nearly twice as much, $93.94 per order compared to $48.10, on average. The discrepancies in performance lend credence to the assertion that iOS users are more active and willing to spend money on their devices, which is one of the reasons often cited by developers and accessory makers support iOS before Android.

Overall, mobile device traffic saw huge gains of 16.5 percent compared to Christmas 2012. Almost half of online traffic was from a phone or tablet, and a third of sales came from a mobile device.

source: IBM Research, via: Business Insider

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