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Maybe Samsung makes its ads bad on purpose

Editorial by Andrew Kameka on Monday December 23, 2013.

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The Internet is abuzz about a questionable advertisement from Samsung that showcases the power of its Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. The ad can only be described as terrible; so terrible that I'm starting to think the company purposely made it so.

As I look through my social media feeds and read people mock "Are You Geared Up?" for its awkward ski trip adventure and impractical attempts at hooking up, I start to wonder how Samsung keeps finding itself in situations where people make fun of their ads. And then I remember, that people always make fun of Samsung ads, but they keep talking about the commercials. A lot. Maybe that's Samsung's game all along? Perhaps Samsung subscribes to the idea that bad press is better than no press, so it's better to have people mocking an ad and paying attention to a product than it is for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear to not pop up on the radar at all.

Videos like "Are You Geared Up?" usually are not intended for TV. They are the buzz-generating kinds of promotional extended clips that companies might use to generate consumer interest online. Would so many people have seen this commercial - over 900,000 views in two days at the moment - if it didn't inspire so many others to share the video and say "Look at this bad Samsung commercial"? I can't say for sure, but we do know that nearly 1 million people will soon see a fresh demonstration of the Galaxy Gear's powers because of it.

To be fair, the new "Are You Geared Up?" spot isn't that much worse than some of the other groan-inducing spots that Samsung has uploaded to its YouTube channel in the past. However, it is below an already low bar, and it wouldn't surprise me if this is intentional. With few exceptions, Samsung's ads have been so consistently bad that I'm starting to think they know that and keep doing it anyway because they're selling millions of phones no matter how they promote them.

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