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T-Mobile may pay customers ETF to switch networks

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday December 20, 2013.

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T-Mobile has made some major changes to its network with its "Uncarrier" initiatives. Following phases that included ending device subsidies to cut monthly costs, free data on tablets, and free international roaming, T-Mobile may next attract customers by paying the fees associated with leaving another network.

T-Mobile has invited customers to an event at CES next month, at which it will unveil Uncarrier 4.0. There are no clues to what that could be, but one rumor floated as a possibility from TMoNews is that T-Mobile will offer customers money to switch from their current carriers. The rumor is from an anonymous and untrusted source, but the possibility is surprising if accurate.

Following a teaser posted by T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the anonymous source said:

"He's teasing a project code named 'Houdini' which will give switchers up to $350 in credit when they switch to TMO. Emphasis will be on families switching up to 5 lines regardless of contract end dates...New customers will receive instant credit when they trade in a smartphone, then get a credit for the ETF charged by their old carrier when they submit the final bill to TMO."

Carriers have previously offered customers money to offset some of the costs of switching networks; however, that is typically reserved for limited reimbursements as part of temporary promotions. It's possible that T-Mobile may make Early Termination Fee (ETF) assistance as part of the standard practices.

via: TMoNews

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