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Dolphin Zero is the ultimate privacy browser with an always-on incognito mode

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday December 18, 2013.

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The "incognito" mode of browsers are designed to always ensure anonymity by not storing any record of what someone does while in that private mode. Alternative Android app Dolphin Browser today launched an ultra-private browser called Dolphin Zero that's always in private mode because that's the only kind of browsing session it will support.

Dolphin Zero, by design, leaves no trace of anything someone does within the app. There is no web history, no saved form data, no cookies, and no search history. While most users view these as features necessary to ensure that they can backtrack at a later date or save themselves time by not having to re-enter known information, a certain subset of people prefer not having any browser intrusions. Those users can turn to Dolphin Zero. History can be saved within a specific browsing session in case someone needs to go back to what they viewed previously, but all other information is deleted the moment that someone closes the app.

Other privacy concerns are addressed by switching to DuckDuckGo as the built-in search engine, and Do Not Track is enabled by default. As a result, passwords, cache, and input are not stored on the device. This again raises issues because the browser may not be as fast or targeted because it doesn't store images in the cache, but it provides a better sense of privacy to people who prefer it. Carriers and phone manufacturers will always have a treasure trove of data accessed on any smartphone, but Dolphin minimizes the amount of data shared to the browser. VP Edit Yeung explains:

"With web security being such a salient issue right now, people are feeling less and less confident that companies are respecting user privacy

"Even though it's impossible to go completely untracked on the mobile web, we have done everything to make a new product that goes beyond anything that you will find in the market right now."

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