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Samsung reportedly shooting for the moon with new Galaxy S 5 hardware features

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday December 18, 2013.

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Samsung was accused of reaching its peak and relying on gimmicks to sell the Samsung Galaxy S 4, but reports suggest the company is being very ambitious with plans for the Galaxy S5. Could Samsung release a phone with diamond coating, a 20-megapixel camera, and an eye-scanner? Korea news outlet ET News says Samsung is testing all of those technologies and may include them in the Samsung Galaxy S5, though there's no guarantee that those features will appear in the device expected to be released next year. The outlet says that the product is "quite unlikely to be released because of the costs," but some of those features may find their way into the phone.

ET News seems convinced that Samsung will have its 64-bit octa-core processor completed in time for the Galaxy S5 release. The chipset is expected to be noticeably faster, LTE-advanced compatible for much faster 4G speeds, and quick enough to support more advanced technology, including a 20-megapixel camera that might be the first device to showcase Samsung's newly-formed Mobile/Camera division mash-up.

There's even talk of an eye-scanner that could be used as a way to secure the device. That seems a little farfetched, but when you're talking about a phone that might include a self-healing diamond metal coating and features that could potentially raise the costs of an already expensive device, why not throw in an eye scanner to unlock the phone? Noted leaker evleaks says AT&T is testing a hi-res version of a phone that could be the Samsung Galaxy S5, so maybe we'll learn the truth about the device at some point next year.

source: ET News

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