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Fleksy tries to become the alternative iPhone keyboard you've always wanted

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday December 12, 2013.

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The Apple iPhone employs a 'take it or leave it' approach to its software. The keyboard is one of those all or nothing aspects of iOS, and alternative keyboards are not permitted unless a developer makes the change in his or her app. There's no uniform way to input text across apps, but Fleksy has announced that it may have found a way to create a common acceptable alternative to the standard iOS keyboard.

Fleksy still cannot get around Apple's lack of support for an Android-style system-wide alternative. However, it can take advantage of Apple's willingness to let individual developers change the keyboard. Fleksy is launching a software development kit that iOS developers can use to insert the Fleksy keyboard into their apps with a few lines of code. That will enable a toggle that can add the gesture-based keyboard to an app. The alternative keyboard is launching today as a built-in option for GV Connect, Blindsquare, Wordbox, and Launch Center Pro. It's a small list, but one that can be controlled and used as a launching point for the keyboard SDK. If Fleksy can lobby enough developers to gain momentum, the company believes it can attract more participation and deliver a superior keyboard.

The challenge for Fleksy is that the benefits of the keyboard will only work if there is massive adoption among developers. It will be of little comfort to have a more enjoyable keyboard in 10 apps if the other 20 apps that someone uses still relies on the iOS 7 or iOS 6 keyboard. You can also guarantee that Apple will not get on board, so using standard iOS apps like Safari, iMessage, and Pages will still require the old interface. That's not stopping Fleksy from trying to convince the world its keyboard is the solution to a longstanding problem.

via: The Verge

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