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Rezence lines up as the latest wireless charging standard competitor

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday December 12, 2013.

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The easiest way to charge a phone is to lay it flat on a charging pad and let technology take its course. However, choosing the type of wireless technology is anything but easy because there are three major competitors vying to become the industry standard, the latest of which is Rezence, a wireless charging standard backed by several major manufacturers.

Rezence is the new brand name for the efforts of the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), a consortium of companies competing with the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) and Power Matters Alliance to become the favored method for wireless charging. The name Rezence, a portmanteau of resonance and essence, was created to make it easier for the A4WP to sell itself to consumers and convince them of the benefits of using wireless charging.

Rezence uses magnetic resonance so wireless charging can be implemented in multiple surfaces and not just charging pads. The consortium plans to have its wireless chargers used in furniture at places like airports, coffee shops, and cars to enable fast charging of multiple devices. The first wave of Rezence-powered phones will arrive early next year.

The most recognized wireless charging group is Qi, which has appeared on phones from HTC, Samsung, Nokia, and more. Those names will appear on the Rezence membership lists as well. In fact, several companies are members of all every charging consortium. Maybe they can decide among themselves which of these three options is most worth pursuing and let us consumers not have to invest in charging accessories that may not be cross-platform or compatible with all devices.

source: A4WP

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