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Spotify now free on Android and iOS with some limitations, expands to more countries

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday December 11, 2013.

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Spotify today announced a new version of its streaming service that no longer requires a paid subscription in order to listen to music on an Android or iOS device. For iPads and Android tablets, users can now enjoy the ad-supported Spotify free service that offers on-demand listening of your favorite songs and artists at no cost. Smartphones have a new kind of free streaming with a few rules.

The new setup for Android and iOS smartphones doesn't fully provide free on-demand streaming without a $9.99 monthly Premium account, but it does make listening to a specific song or artist much easier. Since earlier this year, Spotify's Radio feature has made it possible to listen to playlists based on related artists or songs. The new Shuffle feature makes it possible to listen to a specific artist or playlist and then hear songs only from that person played at random. So instead of hearing Oasis' collection in sequential order, Spotify might play "Champagne Supernova" first and then play "Don't Look Back In Anger."

Spotify's shuffle gives the user control only over a grouping of songs, not the order in which they play. Spotify adds suggested songs to a playlist if someone tries to create a playlist with just one album as a way to get around the limitations. It's also ad-supported, so users will still need a Premium account for full control over their music. Updates for the apps should be rolling out now. Spotify says it also expanding to reach 55 markets as of today. The full list of supported countries is available at the source link below.

Download for iTunes // Android

source: Spotify

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