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LG may soon release an LG G2 mini with the same specs in a smaller package

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday December 10, 2013.

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Please note that this story is based upon rumor and/or speculation.
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The LG G2 has a large 5.2-inch display thanks to designers keeping the margins on the phone very thin. The G2 is still a fairly large device, so LG is reportedly working on a smaller version to attract more potential buyers.

Unlike scaled down versions of flagships from its rivals like HTC and Samsung, the LG G2 "mini" version - the official name of the smaller device is unknown - would not skimp on the specs. The smaller phone is rumored to still have 2GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, though the exact screen resolution of the 4.7-inch display is undetermined. The G2 mini would be a smaller version of the standard phone, not a weaker version.

Greek website Techblog.gr is the source of the rumor and claims that LG may debut its new phone at the upcoming CES conference in Las Vegas. There is no corroborating evidence for the website's report, so be excited but cautious about accepting this as fact if you've ever wanted a G2 in a slightly easier to handle package.

source: Techblog.gr (Translated), via: Phone Arena

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