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Google Voice Search adds responses in three new languages

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday December 06, 2013.

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Google Voice Search supports telling Google to look up information in a variety of languages, but the replies have until now been audible only in English. Voice Search has gone international and added replies in three new languages.

German, French, and Japanese speakers can now hear responses to search queries in their native language when using Voice Search. Asking "How many meters in a mile?" previously provided the answer in text format, 1,609.344, but it now says the answer out loud as well. This is one of the great things about Google Now's feature set and a useful component of its voice interaction.

Voice Search is now possible in English, German, French, and Japanese on Android or Apple iOS. More languages are on the way, according to Google. Likely candidates to be next up for inclusion are Italian and Spanish, which got standard voice search capability the same time as German and French.

via: Techcrunch

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