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Samsung Galaxy S5 once again rumored to have a metal body

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday December 03, 2013.

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Please note that this story is based upon rumor and/or speculation.
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Samsung has sold tens of millions of phones with plastic bodies, yet persistent rumors suggest Samsung might switch to metal to better compete with HTC and Apple. Those rumors have resurfaced once again suggesting that the Galaxy S5 might have a metal frame instead of another glossy exterior.

Japanese website EMSOne claims that it has insider information to believe that the next Galaxy smartphone will definitely have a unibody metal frame. The website says that two Taiwanese component suppliers have been tapped to provide aluminum casings for Samsung's 2014 flagship product, echoing previous reports. It also contrast with previous rumors that the Galaxy S5 would be plastic, but Samsung would release a special edition for users who favor aluminum frames like those found in the HTC One and Apple iPhone 5s. EMSOne says all the S5 models will be plastic.

If you're surprised that there would be conflicting reports on this issue, don't be. Similar rumors earlier this year suggested that Samsung would turn to metal for the Galaxy S4, but Samsung stuck with the glossy plastic build. Then whispers of a metal Galaxy Note 3 emerged before Samsung went with a faux-leather plastic again.

The source of these rumors is most often wishful thinking or poor punditry from people who claim Samsung needs metal because that's what Apple uses. While it would preferable among many tech reviewers and enthusiasts for that to happen, Samsung's sales reports provide plenty of reasons to ignore our preferences and stick with what works. Until Samsung actually releases a metal phone, don't hold your breath for Samsung to release a metal phone.

source: EMSOne, via: CNET

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