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Google confirms RAW imaging coming to Android for better photography

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 26, 2013.

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Android will soon gain the ability to store images in the less-compressed RAW format to enable better photography, as well as add Burst mode to take several shots within seconds. Signs of the code were first spotted in Android 4.4, and Google has confirmed that the features are slated to come to Android.

Google did not say exactly when it would add RAW and burst mode to the Android hardware abstraction layer, a part of Android that interacts with each device's hardware components, but it did confirm speculation that the features were on tap. A Google spokesperson told CNET that the company plans to provide developers access to RAW so that images captured by cameras would have less compression and alterations, which would enable enhanced editing before the conversion to JPEG.

Android will also add new capabilities for Burst mode at some point. Google's Gina Scigliano explains:

"The core concept of the new HAL and future API is centered around burst-mode photography. The basic idea is instead of taking a single shot with a given set of parameters, you instead have the power to queue up a request to take multiple shots each with different parameter settings such as exposure gain. The camera subsystem captures a the burst of shots, which can be subsequently post-processed by the application layer."

source: CNET

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