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Google Play Services may be causing excessive battery drain for Android devices

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday November 20, 2013.

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Google Play Services
Google Play Services

For the past few days, the battery of my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has drained at an inexplicable rate. There's no confirmation of Google Play Services being negatively affecting battery life, but there's reason to believe the source of the problem.

I've primarily been using a Nexus 5 for the past few weeks, so the Galaxy Note 3 has mostly been idle on my living room table. The Note 3 somehow needed to be recharged almost daily despite previously having excellent standby time. The battery was draining faster than it was when I used the Note 3 as a daily driver. Checking the battery reports (Settings > General > Battery) revealed that Google Play Services was 40 percent of usage one day, and was 21 percent today. I have disabled auto-updating and didn't touch the phone, so why is Google Play using up so much energy?

According to Android Police, I'm not the only experiencing this odd behavior. Many of its readers are reporting similar issues. I did a quick Twitter search to see if this is an isolated incident and it appears that people have been complaining about Google-related battery drains since Saturday, November 16.

Something must be wrong with Google Play Services because it is now consuming more energy than my screen. I've reached out to Google for an explanation and hope to hear back soon.

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