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Moto X Android 4.4 KitKat update starting now, phone may launch outside of the United States

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 19, 2013.

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Despite its reputation as being the last of the major carriers to launch widely available phones or deliver updates, Verizon Wireless is the first of the four major carriers to push out an Android 4.4 KitKat update. Motorola has announced that it has begun the staged rollout for phones today so not all Android users should receive an update immediately.

The addition of Android 4.4 KitKat delivers new apps for phone calls, taking photos, viewing photos, messaging, and more. Details about the changelog can be viewed here. As for other carriers, Motorola promises to have more information on the KitKat update soon.

What's most interesting is a throwaway line towards the end of the announcement:

"And this is just the beginning -- we will have more KitKat for Moto X news to share on other carriers and countries very soon."

Notice the ?and countries? part of that statement? Since its unveiling in August, Motorola has firmly stated that it had no current plans to launch the Moto X outside of the United States. The company claimed that it would introduce a product for international markets, which proved to be the lower-specced Moto G, but it never gave any indication that the Moto X might be sold outside of the US. Perhaps that could change soon.

UPDATE:I neglected to remember that the Moto X is available in Canada. It's possible that Google meant "other carriers" strictly in the US sense and said countries referring to Canada rather than hinting at expanding availability to Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.

source: Motorola

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