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Samsung claims 800,000 Galaxy Gears sold, analysts say only 50,000

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 19, 2013.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear
Samsung Galaxy Gear

The press has poorly rated the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, and an analyst report claims that consumers have likewise chosen to pass on the Android watch. However, Samsung has refuted the report today by claiming that it has sold hundreds of thousands of Galaxy Gear units in the short time that the watch has been available.

Samsung today said that the Galaxy Gear is "the world's most popular smart watch with sales reaching 800,000 since its debut two months ago," according to a Reuters report. The Korean manufacturer doesn't state whether that's channel sales, which count as sold the minute they are shipped to retailers, or sales to actual consumers. A report issued by Business Korea yesterday claimed that only 50,000 Gears have been sold to consumers, racking up daily sales of 800 to 900.

If analysts are to be believed, Samsung's smart watch is a huge disappointment with high return rates and poor execution on its stated purpose. Samsung counters that the Gear is actually exceeding its expectations. The company plans to expand compatibility with the smart watch but updating more of its Galaxy smartphones and encouraging more consumers to buy the $300 Galaxy Gear.

source: Reuters

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