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Sprint resumes blocking prepaid MVNOs from activating its latest and most popular phones

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 14, 2013.

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It appears that prepaid customers of MVNOs that operate through Sprint will no longer be able to activate some of the top phones on the network. Letters to Prepayd customers report Sprint has begun blacklisting models from its prepaid networks. Sprint had previously authorized MVNOs to activate Sprint devices though its BYOSD program, but it appears that several phones that should not have been approved were mistakenly activated, so Sprint has updated its terms to clearly block the following phones from carriers like Prepayd and Ting:

- HTC One and 8XT
- Kyocera Hydro Edge
- Motorola Moto X
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Mega, and Galaxy Tab 3
- ATIV S Neo
- ZTE Vital and N800 Awe
- Google Nexus 5
- LG L2

Prepayd began notifying users this month that ?newer iconic Sprint Devices? were excluded from the BYOSD program because they are not yet old enough to be included in the offer. Customers who already managed to get a phone connected to an MVNO through the error will be allowed to continue their service, but new devices will not be activated starting tomorrow.

source: Prepaid Phone News, via: Android Guys

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