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Mozilla says no thanks to United States for Firefox phone

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 14, 2013.

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When it first unveiled Firefox OS, Mozilla made it clear that the upstart mobile operating system would target emerging markets. The web-centric project would focus on places where price was more of a factor than specs, so the company would not arrive in the United States until 2014. It now appears that Firefox OS might not launch in the US at all.

Mozilla Executive Chair Mitchell Baker said at the OpenMobile Summit that "there are no plans to launch in the US," according to CNET. Baker said that the company has decided to prioritize its efforts in the places where it can be most effective as an alternative based on price. A Mozilla spokesperson reiterated that comment and said that Mozilla is "actively exploring" partnerships but have no solid plans.

Firefox OS was always designed with Latin America, Asia, and Europe in mind, but the venture was expected to launch at some point in the US because Mozilla said it made an agreement with Sprint. That partnership appears to have fallen apart, leaving an official Firefox OS launch in the US unlikely. Anyone interested in purchasing an HTML5 smartphone will have to turn to purchasing one of the developer units currently in the wild or looking for an unlocked smartphone.

source: CNET, via: Gizmodo

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