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Samsung Tizen phones are still MIA as Samsung details future plans and reveals first device

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday November 11, 2013.

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When Samsung reiterated plans to abandon its Bada OS in favor of developing Tizen with Intel, the company said that it would release multiple Tizen devices by the end of the year. So far only one Tizen has been released, and it isn't the phone we expected.

It's not a phone at all, actually. Samsung revealed today that the NX-300M camera it released last month in Korea is actually the first Tizen device. The smart camera benefits from Tizen's capability of booting quickly and taking rapid photos at high resolutions, something that should translate to smartphones. Of course the question remains, when will we see those smartphones? The smartphones that were supposed to launch this year are not going to materialize, so Tizen's debut won't occur until 2014.

At a Tizen developer summit, the following features were mentioned for a future update:

- 64-bit architecture for IA and ARM chipsets
- Larger memory capacity
- 3D rendering engine for UI elements
- Dynamic animation
- Crosswalk to make HTML5 apps run on devices and offer performance and security enhancements for web apps (based on Chromium/Blink)

Tizen 3.0 isn't expected until the third quarter of 2014. Let's hope there's actually a smartphone to take advantage of the features by then.

source: The Handheld Blog, via: Unwired View

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