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Flyers happiest about FAA rules because their kids won't sit still

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday November 08, 2013.

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The FAA decision to permit more electronic device usage during flights pleases smartphone and tablet owners happy to be entertained while traveling, but a survey finds that the biggest reason that people are excited about the rule change is that they'll be able to distract their children.

A DISH Network-commissioned survey reveals that 26 percent of respondents rank "keeping kids entertained" as the most important benefit of the rule change. That was the top response, narrowly edging out people looking to check email (24 percent) and those who want to continue reading their eBooks (17 percent). Children are notoriously difficult to keep still during flights, so any advantage to be able to distract them is obviously beneficial.

DISH welcomes the rule change, which is obvious because the company has a partnership with Southwest Airlines that lends iPads to flyers on certain routes so they can watch TV using DISH apps. More people using DISH services is good for the company's bottom line. Surprisingly, not everyone is thrilled about the possibility of using devices from gate-to-gate. Though plenty of people are deeply attached to their devices, 30 percent of survey participants say they "can't wait to turn the thing off for once."

source: DISH

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