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WatchESPN provides on-demand video to everyone, only requires cable for live streaming

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday November 08, 2013.

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Watch ESPN for Android tablet view
Watch ESPN for Android tablet view

ESPN has updated its WatchESPN Android app to include a new design and some new features that make the app relevant to everyone - even if you don't have a current cable or satellite subscription package to access the full range of content. No, ESPN still hasn't relented and made it possible to watch live broadcasts of any games or its original programming, but it has made it possible to watch some content for cord cutters simply looking to stay up to date with what's going on. WatchESPN now provides on-demand highlights and news clips, similar to what users can find on ESPN.com, to everyone regardless of TV provider.

A paid cable or satellite subscription is still necessary to take advantage of the primary features of WatchESPN, including being able to watch live streams of college football, basketball, and more. That is something unlikely to change because ESPN makes far more money in the current cable licensing model than it would if it sold direct to consumers. On the plus side, people with active TV subscriptions can now watch Monday Night Football on tablets. NFL games still will not be able to stream on smartphones.

Users should also notice an improvement in design and functionality because WatchESPN was rewritten for Android 2.3 or higher rather than simply update the previous app that was ported from iOS. Some users may want to wait updating because Cox and Verizon FiOS are having an issue signing in with their credentials.

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via: Techcrunch

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