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Google Now for Android will update with follow-up questions and app-specific search responses

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday November 08, 2013.

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Since it debuted at Google I/O in 2012, Google Now has been one of the most effective ways to use search on a mobile device, and details of an upcoming update for the Android search app show that Google will refine things more.

Wired reports that Google plans to release an update to the Android Google Search app that will make it able to distinguish commands and take appropriate action. For instance, telling Google Now to "Call Bob" will result in a screen listing everyone named Bob in your contacts list. The next version will ask, "Which Bob?" and accept a clarification.

Also changing is the option to take action within an app. Instead of simply finding a restaurant, Google will be able to locate places in OpenTable and then book a reservation. Theoretically, movie tickets can be purchased in Flixster or game scores or reports can be opened in ESPN Scorecenter.

Google Now is expected to add several more features, including an increase in location-aware information. Wired provides an example of seeing geyser times at Yellowstone National Park, but future partnerships could yield similar useful information. This is just an example of what's possible, not something that's actually happening, but imagine if Google could get Six Flags or Disney to provide showtimes for presentations at theme parks. Now could provide an alert that suggests now is an optimal time to go on Space Mountain and then grab lunch rather than flipping those activities.

The updated search app is launching November 13, so keep an eye on the Google Play store next Wednesday. There's no word if this will also appear in the Google Search app for iOS.

source: Wired

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