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Samsung claims it will have foldable displays for phones and tablets by 2015

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday November 06, 2013.

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Samsung and LG have raised eyebrows in recent weeks by introducing smartphones with curved OLED panels, but Samsung today revealed that it has its eyes set on something bigger - folding OLED panels that will allow for hybrid smartphone and tablet devices. At its annual Analyst Day, Samsung made it clear that it plans to introduce mobile devices that are capable of folding, not just flexing. That would make it possible to develop a device that could act as a smartphone in standard usage but fold out to have a larger screen for a tablet. The company showed its hybrid concept back in January, but it now says that it will introduce such devices in 2015.

A folding smartphone-meets-tablet will require some technological breakthroughs that Samsung has yet to reach but expects to achieve within the next two years. The company has already managed to curve displays and bending panels will surely appear next year. However, foldable screens are one of the "Technology Barriers" Samsung does not expect to cross until late 2015. Along the way, Samsung will also work to engineer the types of components that will make it possible to deliver such a phone. In the mean time, someone can draft possible names for the device. How about Galaxy Boomerang, Galaxy Press, or Galaxy Aang (Airbender)?

via: Engadget

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