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BlackBerry sale to Lenovo never happened because Canadian government wouldn't allow it

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 05, 2013.

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BlackBerry's struggles in recent years have been well-documented, but it now appears that one potential lifeline in terms of acquisition offers was kept from happening all because the Canadian government preemptively stated that it would block any sale to Lenovo.

The Globe and Mail reports that Lenovo was considered a bid to acquire BlackBerry, which is not a surprise given that Lenovo was in 2012 named a potential buyer. Despite Lenovo shooting down acquisition talk in January, the company once again considered buying BlackBerry, but the Canadian government nixed any chance of that happening because of fears related to national security.

According to sources for the Globe and Mail, the government flatly stated it would not approve of any deal that would see a Chinese company acquire BlackBerry, "a company deeply tied into Canada's telecom infrastructure." Though Lenovo has not been accused of having direct ties to the Chinese government, an accusation that has plagued Huawei, the Canadian government appears to not want to even consider investigating Lenovo because of similar fears.

If BlackBerry could lobby government officials to approve of a sale to Lenovo, it would have taken several months and still could have ultimately failed because of strong opposition. That's why BlackBerry remains an independent company that will soon get $1 billion in investment and a new CEO to take another shot at reinvention.

source: The Globe and Mail

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