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Google Helpouts launches as a way to get live guidance through Hangouts

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 05, 2013.

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Google Hangouts are commonly used for friends and coworkers to connect with live video chats. A new Google Helpouts service from Google uses the same technology to connect users with experts on specific topics who can walk them through troubleshooting or how-to guides.

Google Helpouts is like a Hangout discovered by an expert. The idea is that someone out there has a thorough understanding of a specific topic or task, and someone else out there could use that knowledgeable person's help. Helpouts will then allow users to say what they need help with - learning to play the guitar, transferring data from an iPhone to Android, or cooking - and Google will connect them to the appropriate person.

Amazon employed a similar strategy with the Mayday Button on its new Kindle Fire, which connects the user to a live expert on the device for on-demand assistance. Helpouts on the other hand goes beyond just a device; it works for any subject with a trained person available to help. It also comes with an associated fee. Google works merely as a facilitator to connect users with paid experts who can provide assistance in tutoring, computer and electronics troubleshooting, fitness, or other categories. Each Helpout requires paying a per minute fee or a flat fee per session depending on what the instructor chooses to charge.

Helpouts works by supporting live video conversations on a desktop or an Android device running version 4.0.3. or later. People interested in becoming experts can visit the official Helpouts page. Anyone interested in being helped can Download the Helpouts Android app.

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