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Pandora launches Android tablet app and mistakenly hints at Chromecast support in screenshot

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday October 30, 2013.

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Pandora Android tablet view with Chromecast logo highlighted
Pandora Android tablet view with Chromecast logo highlighted

Pandora, the leading music-based subscription service, has finally released a complete tablet app for Android. There's no longer a need to look in disappointment as the standard phone app scales up to a larger scr...wait, is that a Chromecast logo?

Putting aside the excitement that someone may have for tablet, the screenshots Pandora posted to Google Play contain a Chromecast logo. The images have since been updated to remove the logo, an important changed because Chromecast is not yet supported by Pandora, but not before a Google Play commenter named Jason Knight pointed it out. We've known since Google announced Chromecast that Pandora would eventually support it, but the company gave no indication when it would go live. Perhaps Pandora is near completion but had to remove Chromecast at the last minute and neglected to update its screenshots.

Now, back to discussing what's concrete and definitely available right now. Pandora for Android has an optimized view that can split the screen into more sensible areas. Tablet users can now navigate through their station lists on the left hand side of the screen, playback controls and social settings are on always on the top, and additional information like artist bios, lyrics, and similar artists are in the middle. Pandora?s design and navigation makes so much more sense now on my Nexus 7. The only thing it's missing is that Chromecast icon to return permanently.

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source: Pandora

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