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Samsung Galaxy 5 may join Apple iPhone 5S in the 64-bit smartphone era

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday October 25, 2013.

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The current benefits to running 64-bit architecture are negligible and arguably non-existent, but that won't stop smartphone manufacturers from embracing the technology. Samsung, which manufacturers the 64-bit CPU found in the Apple iPhone 5S, has confirmed that it plans to introduce 64-bit processors in its own devices next year.

Samsung today said that it is ironing out the details of its next Exynos processor and expects to have a 64-bit version ready next year. The company says that it will be capable of handling large amounts of RAM, and it is currently taking the necessary steps to prepare future devices for the advanced architecture. Those comments echo previous statements from Samsung Mobile chief JK Shin that the company's next products would support a 64-bit CPU. Samsung releases many phones, so Shin could have been referring to anything, but the Galaxy S 5 is the most obvious candidate to introduce Samsung's next generation of processors.

The Apple iPhone 5S is currently the only major smartphone device to feature a 64-bit CPU, and its mostly to prepare for future adjustments that Apple and app makers will make for iOS. The same will be true for Samsung's product. It's likely that the 64-bit chip will be present for spec sheet bragging rights and to future-proof the device so that it is prepared to handle more advancements that may follow after its release.

The next concern for Samsung and its admirers will be finding a way to get the chipset in every device. Though Samsung produces its own Exynos processors, the Korean manufacturer has not managed to get them globally distributed in every phone. Whether because of supply constraints or requests from carriers, the flagship Samsung products - the Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note 3 - released in the U.S. have used Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors. The Exynos has been deployed in Europe, Asia, and other markets. Perhaps the Galaxy S 5 will be the first Samsung product since the Galaxy Note II to feature an Exynos processor in North American models.

source: IT Today (Korean), via: G for Games

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