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YouTube will soon become your jukebox with support for background audio

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday October 23, 2013.

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YouTube for Android will soon be able to continue playing audio from a video even when someone exits the YouTube app or turns off a device's screen, according to new leaks.

Android Police has examined the latest version of YouTube and discovered that Google plans to implement a long requested feature: background audio. YouTube already supports continued playback when someone navigates away from a video and remains within the YouTube listing for other videos and playlists. The upcoming update will provide an option that lets users continue playback of a video.

Someone's first inclination may be to wonder why anyone would want to have a video's audio continue playing if that person is no longer looking at the screen. The answer is that many people care only about the audio when visiting YouTube. There's actually a massive library of videos that are nothing more than songs with a thumbnail or lyrics appearing on screen, so a significant portion of people use YouTube for the sole purpose of listening to music. It's a practice so prevalent that a 2012 media consumption report revealed that teens use YouTube as their first choice for listening to music. When a teenage wants to listen to music, he or she is more likely to launch YouTube than the radio, iTunes, or CD's.

The inclusion of background audio will make YouTube even more viable for music listeners because they will no longer need to use up extra battery by having their screens remain on in order to hear music. It will also enable more multitasking options for people who wish to listen to the audio from a video and send an email or visit a website based on something seen in any video. Background audio should also be useful once YouTube launches temporary offline storage.

source: Android Police

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