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Apple iPad may have a Surface-like keyboard case

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Monday October 21, 2013.

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It's pretty much a given that tomorrow's Apple press event is for a new iPad and iPad Mini. Might we also see a keyboard case similar to the one Microsoft sells with its Surface tablets? Maybe, according to one former Apple employee.

Jamie Ryan, a former member of the Developer Relations department at Apple, claims that he has spoken with some of his former colleagues who say that Apple has working prototypes for an iPad case that "mimics Microsoft's touch cover" case for the Surface and Surface Pro. Microsoft's case acts both as a protective cover for the screen and a tactile keyboard that provides a traditional typing experience when the device is propped up, creating a semi-laptop mode. Apple's implementation reportedly follows that same path.

A keyboard case would replace Apple's current solution for physical touch typing on an iPad, a Bluetooth keyboard. Ryan has no idea if the case would share the stage with the iPads announced tomorrow because Apple routinely tests designs of products and accessories that are never sold to consumers. There are "1,000 no's for every yes," as Ryan puts it. The iPad might eventually get the benefit of a Surface-style keyboard case, but users shouldn't hold their breath that they will get it tomorrow.

source: Jamie Ryan, via: Gizmodo

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