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Feedly adds much-needed improvements for Android RSS reader app

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday October 16, 2013.

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Feedly for Android menu comparison (new on the right)
Feedly for Android menu comparison (new on the right)

Feedly emerged as the winner of the post-Google Reader world of RSS. It was initially the most accessible and reliable of the free options, so people flocked to the RSS reader app despite some glaring problems. Feedly has released an updated Android app that seeks to address some of those performance issues.

Feedly for Android v. 17 offers some critical improvements in speed. The long load times for starting up the app have been cut to the point that Feedly is not three times faster. It's still not lightening fast but it's much snappier than previous versions. Users will also notice that the speed translates to better performance when navigating through RSS feeds. Individual articles load quickly and scrolling through the list of feeds is much smoother. Feedly once had a scrolling system that paused and then suddenly snapped in an odd way. The new scrolling is no longer so stiff, and the app maintains its stack or swipe transition options.

Android users will also notice that Feedly has tweaked its user interface. The fonts have been changed slightly, feed labels now have a single icon rather than a colored background, and the "Today" section has been removed from the side menu to make way for "Discover." Readers will find popular posts and recommended based on categories like Tech, Business, Design, and more. The idea is that someone will browse the Discover area to see what stories are gaining traction and which interesting sources covering those topics may be worth following.

A couple of other welcome changes include no auto-refresh on restart, so users won't lose their place when returning to the app, and added support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Pro users also have the option to search for a keyword or phrase. Feedly still has room for improvement on the feature front, but it has improved basic performance for browsing feeds. Version 17 of the app is now available for Android 2.2 and up.

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