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Aereo to bring live TV broadcasts to Android later this month

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday October 10, 2013.

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The only ways to watch TV on a Galaxy S 4 or HTC One is to download an app from the networks or a subscription service that offers limited on-demand options. Aereo will soon offer live TV broadcasts when it launches its Android app.

Aereo's name may be recognized as a company in a bitter battle with television networks because it broadcasts live over-the-air signals to the web and iOS devices. Courts have so far ruled that Aereo is legal and can continue to operate, but there are legal challenges in the handful of cities in which Aereo service is available. While the two sides fight it out, anyone with an Android 4.2 or later device will soon be able to watch TV on a mobile device.

The Aereo app will be free and compatible with the standard Aereo $8 per month subscription. Subscribers can choose to upgrade to a $12 per month plan that includes 60 hours of DVR storage rather than the standard 20 hours, and new customers will get their first month of service for free. Aereo is available only in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York City, and Salt Lake City at the moment. The service is "coming soon" to an additional 20 cities listed here.

source: Aereo, via: Techcrunch

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