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Samsung goes retro-futuristic to promote Galaxy Gear smart watch

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday October 07, 2013.

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Smart watches are not new. The practicality of the connected wearables have a relatively short history, but the concept and dream of being able to communicate with a wrist watch has been a staple of science fiction and entertainment for decades. Samsung is harking back to that history to promote its Galaxy Gear smart watch.

Samsung recently began airing a commercial for the Galaxy Gear that's all about remembering how people once envisioned the smart watch to perform. A series of watches from classic shows like Dick Tracy, The Jetsons, and Star Trek appear on screen as a reminder of what it would be like to have a phone conversation through a wrist watch. Every child wanted to be Dick Tracy or Captain Kirk at some point, and a small part of their seemingly unbelievable lifestyle has finally been realized through a gadget.

Of course, that's an awfully ambitious sell for Samsung to make for a product that has gotten fairly poor reviews. The early rounds of Galaxy Gear reviews find it to be a flawed and rushed device. Samsung is trying to communicate to consumers that there's more to appreciate about the Galaxy Gear, a device that's "a long time coming" and the next logical step into a future we've only dreamed up in television shows. The watch probably won't live up to that hard sell, but the commercial is an interesting way of trying to convince consumers.

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