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Google Now adds cards for updates on recording artists, athletes, actors and notable people

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday October 04, 2013.

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Google Now: athlete update card, musician reminder, marking an celebrity for updates
Google Now: athlete update card, musician reminder, marking an celebrity for updates

Google Now already provides updates on maps, sports franchises, and news stories, and the personalized search platform has added the ability to track individuals as well, thanks to an update to its Knowledge Graph. When a person searches Google for a specific actor, athlete, politician, or musician, he or she will have the option to follow that person with a Google Now Card. For instance, create a card for Josh Turner and Google will post reminders when the country star releases his next album. If someone searches for Alex Rodriguez, the A-Rod card will show stories about the star baseball player.

The latest cards are actually a tweak of what Google has shown for a long time. I'm not sure of when exactly it started showing the "Get updates" options, but I've seen them for several weeks. They frequently appeared when I searched for actors while watching television or some athletes I searched for when watching football or soccer. Now that I think about it, anyone with a Wikipedia entry will most likely have the updates option.

Google appears to have made the feature more widespread and added the release reminder for recording artists. At the moment, my searches of some musicians still bring up the generic "Get updates about [artist]" option rather than the "Remind you about new releases" option, so it's probably still rolling out changes to the Knowledge Graph.

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