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Microsoft wants HTC to put Windows Phone on its Android phones too

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday October 04, 2013.

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HTC has partnered with Microsoft for the release of the Windows Phone 8X and 8S, but the company's bread and butter has clearly come from Android thanks to devices like the HTC One. Microsoft has reportedly asked the Taiwanese manufacturer to no longer make a distinction and put Windows Phone on all of its devices.

Bloomberg news reports that Microsoft is in talks with HTC to convince the company to load Windows Phone 8 on its smartphones as a secondary option. The outlet cites unnamed sources that say that "technical details have not been ironed out," but the gist of the proposal would call for HTC to sell phones that have Android and Windows Phone. The most likely scenario would be for a phone to be capable of booting into either operating system.

As an incentive to go along with the plan, Microsoft would be willing to wave the license fee that HTC pays Microsoft to run Windows or Android. Despite HTC's sales being in decline, the company has expressed little interest in shaking things up and releasing more Windows Phone 8 handsets. The company has focused its attention primarily on Android, and Microsoft is eager to encourage more manufacturers to offer Windows devices. With Android appearing on 79 percent of devices shipped last quarter and Microsoft appearing on only 4 percent, the company likely sees this as the best way to get Windows Phone in front of more faces.

source: Bloomberg

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