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App that pays users for viewing lock screen ads gains support from advertisers

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday September 30, 2013.

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Considering that so many people appreciate faster ways to unlock devices through fingerprint scanners or facial recognition, it might seem strange that people would be willing to view ads on their phone in order to receive a penny. However, Locket, an Android app that pays users to view ads on the lock screen and charges brands for the opportunity to showcase those ads, has found moderate success in the venture.

I wrote about Locket in July and had suspicions that the very small payouts would scare off most users because the inconvenience might outweigh the benefits. Still in beta, Locket has since garnered more than 150,000 users, according to a report from AdWeek. While the app hasn't been a boon to users, it is potentially valuable to companies that are willing to test the market with Locket.

AdWeek reports that SunnyD, Spotify, Orbitz, Bonobos, ZipCar, and Hershey are among the companies that have already signed on to purchase ads on Locket. The ads appear based on location and demographic of the user, so the relevancy increases. SunnyD ad executive Mark Ozimek explained one example of how it can work by saying:

"We want to reach mobile moms in grocery stores. There's not a lot of ways of doing that...so she's looking down, unlocking her phone - and our brand is there. If we have an on-sale product, we can connect her to our products, and we can give an incentive for her to engage with us."

The current problem with Locket is that caps on earnings make it less appealing. Someone who frequently sits through the ads can earn only a few dollars per month. Locket CEO Yunha Kim says that the company can increase payments as more advertisers sign-on. With more companies signing on to advertise with Locket, it could prove to be a beneficial system that generates more money. For now, current users are content with with the "surprise" of seeing targeted and relevant ads, according to Kim.

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source: AdWeek

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