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Dolphin Browser moves away from Google and adds new search engines, personalization features

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday September 27, 2013.

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Dolphin Browser for Android
Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser, one of the most popular alternative browsers available on Android has forged a series of partnerships that will see it become less reliant on Google for search queries. Is openly resisting the most popular search engine a wise strategy for an Android app? Moving away from Google makes sense for Windows Phone because its users have a higher probability of using Bing, but Android users, like most of the general public, tend to favor Android. That's not a good thing according to Dolphin, which sees the domination of Google on the desktop and mobile more of a U.S. occurrence. Forming an alliance with different search engines elsewhere is the sensible way to go, according to CEO Yongzhi Yang, who said in a statement:

"The U.S. browser market is dominated by Google and Apple. However, the international market for mobile browsing has been left wide open. Dolphin is leading the charge in emerging markets where hundreds of millions of users are discovering content via mobile web for the very first time.These are truly'mobile-first and only'users thathave no context of a desktop experience, which is more prevalent in the U.S."

The latest version of Dolphin switches the default search engine in some countries. Users in Russia will see the app have Yandex as the default search engine rather than Google, Japanese users will search with Yahoo! Japan, and Chinese users will crawl the web with Baidu. The company still has Google set as the default search provider in the U.S., but it has made it easy to switch to different search engines like DuckDuckGo depending on user preference, just as it has done for several months since first introducing replaceable search engines.

Dolphin theme and wallpaper settings
Dolphin theme and wallpaper settings

Preference also plays a part in the latest update of Dolphin, which adds new theme colors and wallpapers. It also includes unnamed bug fixes, language selection, and the ability to switch between desktop and mobile views. Dolphin is available now for devices running Android 2.0.1 or later.

Dolphin Browser

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