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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is region locked, won't work outside of your home continent

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday September 26, 2013.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will not allow buyers to use their phones with a SIM card from a carrier outside of their region. In other words, a phone purchased in the U.S. will not be able to use a SIM from a carrier in the U.K., and the same is true when our friends from the other side of the pond venture to the States.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 3 in Europe yesterday, and third-party retailer Clove UK revealed that phones it sold in Europe would work only within Europe. Users in North America then reported that a warning with a similar message on the American model reveals that the phone will work only in the Caribbean, North, South, and Central America. As a result, Clove will not ship the Galaxy Note 3 outside of Europe, and many potential Note 3 buyers will be forced to pay exorbitant roaming fees to their carrier rather than use their phone when traveling.

Region-locking a phone is a terrible practice and is particularly annoying when someone attempts to travel. Carriers charge very high data and call rates for international roaming, so anyone who travels for business or pleasure will have to either pay that excessive fee or use a different phone. Samsung's decision to region-lock the device also eliminates the chance for people to buy the phone from a foreign market, where favorable exchange rates or different release schedules might make access to the device cheaper and faster. Samsung clearly isn't interested in business from either type of customer.

source: Clove, via: GigaOM

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