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Apple iPhone 5S Touch ID demo: how to setup the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday September 24, 2013.

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When I activated my iPhone 5S over the weekend and began deciding whether I want to use Touch ID, the security measure that recognizes a user's fingerprint to unlock the display, I had to decide if it was worth the trouble. I typically don't use a lock code on my iPhone but decided it made sense to keep my phone protected like I do on my Android devices. The prospect of swapping a 4-digit numeric code for one of my digits being scanned seemed interesting and quick enough to motivate me to turn in back on. I then asked, "How do you use the Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor?"

Setting up Touch ID is fairly simple with these steps:

- 1. Open the "Settings" application
- 2. Go to "General" and select "Passcode & Fingerprint"
- 3. Go to "Fingerprints" and tap "Add a fingerprint"
- 4. Follow the on-screen prompts

Within a few moments, Touch ID will be enabled and ready to support unlocking a device with a fingerprint. After a few days of use, I can say that Touch ID is a very convenient way of using a smartphone. I ran into a few confused moments when "Try again" appeared on the lock screen because the phone didn't recognize my finger, but only because I held the phone in the wrong hand. Touch ID lets users program multiple fingers to unlock the device, so register each finger to ensure that the phone responds regardless of which finger is scanned.

In recent times, we've seen that Touch ID is not as secure as some may have envisioned, but the odds of someone having the know-how, opportunity, and desire to break into your device through fingerprint replication are very small. The trade-off from added convenience and increased risk seems well worth it unless your phone houses state secrets.

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