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Moto X camera stops being terrible after software update (T-Mobile only)

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday September 23, 2013.

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Motorola and T-Mobile have updated the Moto X to address the biggest problem with an otherwise phenomenal product - it's camera. The change is reportedly the "biggest ever seen" through an over the air update, according to Brian Klug of Anandtech.

An update to the Moto X dramatically improves the photographic capabilities of the phone. Prior to the update, the Moto X had a tendency to take lifeless photos with a strange white glare, plenty of noise, and all-around disappointment. The shortcomings were disappointing considering that the Moto X has so much that it does well, but the poor camera overshadowed those strengths in many Moto X reviews, including my own.

Motorola apparently took the criticism in stride and delivered an OTA update that addresses these concerns. The update improves auto-white balance and color accuracy, improves exposure outdoors and in backlit settings (light point from behind a person, perhaps from a window), and reduces the amount of noise in low light scenes. The smoky settings and noisy photos are reportedly gone as a result. In before and after photos posted to Anandtech and Droid-Life, the photos are clearly superior to previous results post update. The only question I have is when Motorola will deliver this critical enhancement to AT&T and other carriers as well.

Before & after photos: Droid-Life // Anandtech

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