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Sprint One Up plan now official - upgrade every year and get a discount in the process

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday September 20, 2013.

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Sprint One Up - the early upgrade program Sprint will offer in response to similar programs from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon - is now official. Sprint today confirmed previously leaked details about One Up, which allows subscribers to pay a monthly fee to upgrade to a new phone each year.

One up doesn't require any initial payment when purchasing the phone; however, the zero-down payment is a temporary offer that expires October 10, 2013. Customers split the cost of the device over 24 monthly payments, but the device can be exchanged for a new phone or tablet once 12 payments have been made. This allows Sprint customers to upgrade to a new device annually. Canceling service will require paying the remaining balance on the phone's value.

Sprint plans to make One Up more appealing by offering a $15 monthly discount on the standard Sprint data and calling plans, so a phone plan can be as low s $65 when not factoring phone installment payments. The discount ends once the 24th installment is paid.

One Up is open to new customers, customers who last activated a new phone 12 months prior, and phone lines that are moved to an Unlimited, My Way, or My All-in account. Customers can sign-up only be visiting a participating Sprint store. Sprint says it will make signing up available online and in stores nationwide, but it is currently limited to a select group of places. Find out more information at the Sprint One-Up FAQ page.

source: Sprint

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