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Moto X is only $299 at Republic Wireless -- off contract

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday September 19, 2013.

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The Moto X is available at the major carriers and typically costs $199 on a two-year agreement or $599 when purchased for full retail price. MVNO Republic Wireless is undercutting the competition by selling the Moto X for only $299 without any contract. How the heck is that possible? Your guess is as good as mine, but Republic Wireless is bragging that it's able to do something other companies are not:

The Moto X will retail at $299 (plus taxes and surcharges) from the Republic Wireless store. That's right - we took the hot, new Moto X, added Republic's great Hybrid service and priced it at $299 with no contract required. That's a price that's, like, impossible to match anywhere in the industry.

Impossible may not be the right word because any carrier certainly could match that price if they wanted to; however, you can all but guarantee that none of them would be willing to sell the Moto X at that price. It's also guaranteed that none of them would attempt to challenge Republic on monthly calling plans either. The company announced today that it will introduce a new $5 per month calling option that can support phone calls only when the Moto X is able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi-only plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and calling.

Republic Wireless will begin selling the Moto X in November once its specially-designed version clears testing on Sprint, the network that Republic piggybacks in order to deliver service. At the same time, it will introduce the new $5 plan, as well as plans with the following features:

$10 for Unlimited talk and Text on Wi-Fi and Cellular
- $25 for Unlimited talk, text, and data on Wi-Fi or 3G
- $40 for Unlimited, talk, text, and data on Wi-Fi or 4G

source: Republic Wireless, via: Laptop Mag

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