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Apple offers iOS users a chance to download older versions of apps for their older phones

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday September 17, 2013.

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Apple iOS
Apple iOS

Apple iOS 7 will debut to the delight of millions of users in less than 24 hours. Millions more users will be unable to install the update because they are running older versions of iOS, but Apple has a solution for people with older devices who still want to use popular apps.

Apple is beginning to offer iPhone and iPad owners a chance to download the last compatible version of an app for their device's software. A reddit user spotted a prompt that gives users an option to download an earlier version of an app that requires iOS 5, and it has since been confirmed on other devices. When an app advances to the point that it requires iOS 6 or later, the prompt asks if the device owner wishes to download the most recent version of the app that requires only iOS 5.

The flexible download option will be a welcome change for people who use older iOS devices. Though Apple has proudly touted its ability to have the vast majority of iPhone and iPad owners running the latest version of iOS, there are still millions of active devices running older software. Rather than leave those phones and tablets behind, some apps will still be downloadable. The older versions will obviously have fewer features, potentially more bugs, and probably not be supported, but it gives users a better chance of being able to continue to access their favorite apps.

source: Reddit, via: Engadget

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