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Google Glass breaks free from tethering data plan requirements in new update

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday September 16, 2013.

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Google Glass isn't very stylish or the cheapest solution available, but it attracts attention because of utility and potential. One disappointing aspect of the device is that it requires Bluetooth tethering to operate and some carriers require more money to make that possible. An update to Glass may have removed that restriction and made it possible for Google Glass to bypass tethering plans and still connect to the web.

Glass Explorer Nick Starr posted on Google+ that he recently noticed that the MyGlass companion app that connects Glass to an Android device was suddenly showing an icon signifying data transfer even when tethering is turned off. Starr is still able to search, see messages, and find directions with Google Glass even when Bluetooth tethering is disabled, and a few other Glass users report they have also noticed the change.

Removing the need to support Bluetooth tethering to function is an unconfirmed but welcome way of increasing Glass's usefulness. Some devices and carriers require a monthly tethering plan in order to share data connections unless a user finds a way to circumvent the restrictions. Short of Google introduced Glass as a freestanding product able to have its own mobile data connection, this could be the most ideal way to use Glass.

source: Google+ (Nick Starr), via: Engadget

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