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AT&T launches TV Notes service to send text messages from phones that appear on TV

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday September 12, 2013.

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AT&T has announced a peculiar but perhaps interesting service that will enable wireless customers to send reminders and messages through text messages that their family members will be able to read on a U-Verse television. The new TV Notes application establishes a link between an AT&T U-verse TV account and an AT&T Mobility wireless account to support sending messages to loved ones. Once a user opts-in and enables the interactive TV app, family members will be able to send messages that will pop-up on the television.

A parent could use TV Notes to warn a child to finish his or her chores before watching TV, or someone could ask a spouse to record Breaking Bad if he or she is running late. The app is capable of sending messages at a designated time or on a specific channel, so messages can be tailored for the person most likely to see it. I personally think it would be much easier and wise to try to reach someone on his or her phone, but in the event that a response isn't prompt and you believe a loved one is paying attention to the TV rather than the phone, Notes might be the way to reach that person. It can even allow parents to remotely set channel blocking.

U-verse subscribers can set-up TV Notes by going to Go Interactive > All Apps > TV Notes on their TV. Opting in will then be made possible by entering an AT&T wireless phone number. Only AT&T customers, both TV and mobile phone, can use TV Notes, and only up to five numbers can be linked to a TV. If Dad is on AT&T but mom is on Sprint, only Dad will be able to send messages to the TV.

source: AT&T

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